How to Best Utilize Your End-of-Year Tech Hiring Budget

As companies begin to review their expenditures from 2017, it isn’t uncommon to discover that there are still funds available. Since many businesses work diligently to ensure that their hiring budgets don’t run dry during the year, an end-of-year surplus is often a result, and it creates a unique opportunity to accomplish a variety of tasks that may have otherwise been left on the back burner.

To help you utilize these funds wisely, here are some tips for making the most of your end-of-year tech hiring budget.

Identify Projects

Before you can commit to any hiring, you need to determine which projects require attention. This could include objectives that have fallen behind schedule and could benefit from additional support as well as new projects that you would like to get completed before years end.

By identifying end-of-year priorities, you can figure out which kinds of professionals you’ll need to get the job done, narrowing it down to critical skills based solely on the project at hand. Once you’ve determined what attributes your top candidates would need, you can make plans for hiring professionals specifically for the task at hand.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

Often, yearend tech hiring budgets don’t have the room for multiple full-time hires, especially if your 2018 budget doesn’t support additional full-time staff. However, you can still make the most of your end-of-year tech hiring budget by partnering with a reputable staffing firm and bringing on contractors specifically for your projects.

Typically, this process can go fairly quickly, as you have the ability to focus on a core skill set instead of the broader range of competencies you need your full-time staff to possess. This means you can secure the services of a subject-matter expert explicitly for the individual project, creating a substantial value opportunity you may otherwise not be able to access.

Hiring a contract employee provides you with the ideal amount of flexibility, as you do not have to make an initial long-term commitment to the worker. This means you can fully utilize your end-of-year tech hiring budget to move projects forward with exceptional speed and simply end the relationship whenever it is required, whether the project is finished or the budget merely runs out.

Generally, companies experience a significant cost benefit when choosing contract employees over adding a full-time member to their staff to handle a project. The staffing firm is responsible for many costs you would normally shoulder, like workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, so you assume less risk while saving money, allowing your hiring budget to stretch further than it otherwise could.

If you are interested in finding top talent to help you finish your yearend project, the recruitment professionals at Talon can connect you with some of today’s leading tech candidates. Contact our experts to see how our services can help you make the most of your hiring budget as you wrap up your priority projects in 2017.


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