Talon Professional Services is the quintessential IT contract consulting firm. From the initial point of contact regarding a prospective opportunity with a Talon client, the firm handled all verbal / written communications and required documentation with the utmost professionalism and competency. Talon’s business model is both customer-centric and contractor-centric to ensure value is realized by both entities throughout the interview and project execution phases. Talon brings the personal touch to every contact point with the firm which is a key competitive differentiator in the IT contract consulting industry. Most importantly, I’m very impressed with the collaborative model that fosters an exchange dialogue between the contractor, the Talon recruiter, and the Talon account executive for identifying new opportunities for providing customer value. I highly recommend Talon Professional Services to both prospective customers seeking strategic IT staffing partners and IT consulting professionals seeking new contracts. It’s been a privilege being associated with Talon

Consultant, placed by Talon

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